Quality for Over 68 Years

Serving many industries, we specialize in the manufacturing of chipboard spools (cardboard spools, paper spools), & corrugated reels, along with many other custom spool and packaging components including specialty die cut chipboard flanges and dividers, custom printing, pop up reels, spiral wound paper tubes, corrugated boxes, along with metal and plastic end caps, enclosures and core plugs. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities and continuously evolving product line have made us an industry leader as we continue to provide our valued customers with the products they need and the service they deserve.

Over the years our methods and machinery may have changed, but our commitment to customer satisfaction remains.


Since our beginnings, we have made environmental stewardship a priority. All of our products are recyclable and all of our chipboard products are made from recycled paper stock. In addition, each year we recycle nearly a million pounds of scrap steel and chipboard material. We continue to innovate our product line by adding more products that benefit both our customers and our environment.

Our People

It’s all about the people. From the immediate response to your product inquiry request to our shipping department loading your finished product, our people make the difference. We are truly blessed to have a staff dedicated to hard work and a commitment to quality. When you call us during business hours you will speak with a knowledgeable member of sales and customer support team who will help match the perfect product to your requirement. Currently in our 3rd generation of family ownership, many of our employees have worked with all 3 generations dating back multiple decades.

Custom Solutions

If it relates to chipboard or corrugated we can most likely produce it, whether it’s cut , printed or assembled. As our business continues to evolve after 68+ years so does our diverse product line. Whether it’s a spool or reel with a 3rd flange (3 Flange Reel), a die cut folding carton lined with foam, a heavy duty reel laminated with multiple layers of corrugated, or something new all together we are happy to design a solution for you.